Benjamin is a father of 3 children but no longer has a job. I visit him regularly and lately he told me that he would need money to buy a few pairs of shoes to resell them and make some money. Indeed in this period life is even harder than usual and his wife has just become pregnant again.

The day we decided to give him a microloan, I took the time to sit down with him and talk. At this moment he explained me that his problem is getting bigger and bigger every day. After a long conversation I finally understood that the money he was asking is in fact for an abortion and that each day that goes by the doctor will ask for more.

There, for the first time, I have no idea what to say …
No means, no work, no food for her first two children, how do you do with an extra mouth to feed?

Then God spoke to me very clearly:
This child is wanted, I chose him and I have plans of happiness for him. My mouth opened and His word began to be proclaimed over the life of the child to be born.
We prayed, he told me about his desire to keep the child and to discuss about it with his wife.
One week later, I visited him again and I was happy to hear that they are going to keep this baby!
He was granted the microloan and he was able to buy 7 pairs of shoes which he is reselling.