Empowered by the love of God, our mission is to stop for the one in need and guide them to the Father.
God really put on our heart the people of the slum of Cité Soleil. But what to do when the roads are blocked and we can not reach them.
Three weeks ago, we went to the mountains to visit missionary friends for a few days. These few days finally lasted more than two weeks.
It was impossible for us to go back home. There was a lot of insecurity during these two weeks; inflamed barricades on the roads, fires, a lot of shootings and demonstrations. The goal was to block the country to demand the departure of the president.
For many people, it became difficult to find food, water and medical care.
In the mountains, crops were abundant: potatoes, carrots, cabbage, peas, … and we did not miss anything.
In these moments, we do not want to let fear guide us but we want to seek the will of God. We asked God how he wanted to use us in that moment. One Saturday morning, Jonathan woke up with the conviction to go down to bring food to Cité Soleil. Flore had asked God to speak to her during the night, that same night she dreamed that Jonathan was hurrying down to the city. This Saturday a truce was announced so that people could restock, there were very few people who dared to leave their homes. Accompanied by two Haitian friends, Jo went down to Cité Soleil. The roadblocks had been half opened, the fear of people could be felt, life had not yet resumed and the streets of the capital were still under the ruins of the violence that had occurred.
They arrived at night and the people of Cité Soleil were so grateful for the food they brought. We were able to feed more than 30 families, thanks to the Haitians from the community of Oriani and Gwo Cheval who offered us their harvest.
Thank you for continuing to pray for Haiti. Despite the calm that seems to have settled for some weeks, there is still a lot of instability.