Out of sight out of mind.
When I don’t see those who are suffering
When I don’t see those who are hungry
When I don’t think some people are thirsty
When I don’t realize people are dying due to lack of care
When I forgot all the privileges I had
I am far away
Far from those who suffer in silence
Far from those who would like to live happily.
But even in the distance, our hearts should be able to feel
And we should be able to hear
The fear of those who live in insecurity
The hunger that twists their stomachs
The sadness of those who die, while elsewhere they would be still alive
The wrath of those who thirst for justice
The absurdity of a world filled with inequality. Pretending to ignore their reality will not change it.
Trying to close your eyes won’t make the world a better place
But open your eyes, become aware of people who suffer around the world and go out to meet them.
Who knows ? They may be closer than you think.