On Sunday, Jonathan went back down to Cité Soleil to visit the communities we support. This neighborhood has become a war zone. Waste is piled up everywhere and the water stagnates and fills the houses. People run on certain stretches of road to avoid bullets. People are hungry and thirsty, many have anxiety due to stress. Sadness can be read on their tired faces.

As WFP* explains: “for the first time in the country, a catastrophic hunger where the worst possible category was recorded in the district of Cité Soleil”.

We believe that God’s love must be shared in word and deed. Love must be demonstrated.

On Sunday, more than 100 families were able to receive a food pack with rice, peas, spaghetti, meat, spices,… . This will feed more than 1,500 people.

Jonathan was able to visit many elderly people and families. He was able to take the time to pray for the sick and play with the children. We were able to invite a hundred children to our house in Cite Soleil and explain the problem of cholera to them. We finished the program with a snack, a drink, some vitamins.

With his bulletproof vest, full of sweat, Jonathan came home exhausted.

Seeing so much suffering and poverty and not being able to help everyone

Not being able to close your eyes and forget.

We will continue one family at a time