In difficult times when we see poverty around us. When we feel insecure. Our mind can quickly turn to everything bad. And yet in the midst of all this, we want to give thanks in every situation.
After a week where Flore stayed locked in the house with the children, we were ready to go out to go shopping and then spend some time in a restaurant with a large play ground. But after a little while on the road , a part broke in the car. As the feeling of frustration began to overtake us, instead we chose thankfulness. Thank you Lord for not breaking down in a more dangerous area. Thank you because you protected us on the road and you may have used this situation to prevent us from going elsewhere. Thank you because your plans are perfect.

I was in Cité Soleil with new gang leaders, we talked and we heard a lot of gunshots. Children ran away and people bent down. Then nothing? What to do ? Go home and take a risk on the road or stay in Cité Soleil?
At that moment, I felt that I had to take my bike and leave quickly.
Thank you Lord for protecting me and guiding me on the way home.
During this month, we had the opportunity to give thanks several times, even in more difficult times…
-When thieves cut our barbed wire and passed the wall of our property to steal our generator. This happened when our whole family was at home.
Thank you Lord for protecting us. Thank you that they did not take anything else (a week later, our neighbors’ house was emptied: furniture, televisions, generator, …) Thank you Lord that nobody saw them, otherwise people would have killed them. Thank you Lord for touching these thieves, we pray that one day we can share with them the love you give us.

  • When Kenia gave birth in a hospital three weeks before the due date when her pressure was too high. Thank you Lord because a beautiful and healthy little girl came into this world on Valentine’s Day. Wichlove Kencie Cassagnol welcome to the world. Thank you because the whole family is doing so well, Flore is happy to have become a godmother and we are delighted to see this little girl growing up in our house.
    Yes, giving thanks to God is a choice we can take every morning. His plans are perfect