Since we moved in our house, Wanguerre is with us. With Jonathan, he works around the house: planting flowers, doing repairs, burning garbage, watering. Together they spend a lot of time. From Monday to Saturday, Wanguerre continues his studies and when he’s back from school, he takes care of the maintenance around the house. We started to pay his schooling and the small salary we give him for the work he does around the house is used to buy food and clothes.

It starts with him. We figured that we can’t go pray for the people of Cité Soleil, share the love of God and come home without saying anything to our guard or do anything for him. Therefore Jonathan is learning to know him more and more and we can see that he slowly begins to open. We talk to him about Jesus, the fact that He speaks to us … Wanguerre is a Christian, but does not really have a personal relationship with Jesus. He went from time to time to the Catholic Church because their worship is shorter than those of evangelical churches.

Wanguerre asks a lot of questions about the world and about God. One day, he told us: “God is with you”. That day we came back from the mountain and while the city had not given electricity for 4 days, we received it the same evening. The days before our return, he heard a lot of shooting around the house, when we arrived it was quiet again. He sees God acting in our very lives where we ourselves sometimes do not realize it.
One day, Wanguerre shared a dream he had with Jonathan. He saw himself on his knees, Jonathan praying for him. Jonathan then offered to do so and afterwards God really acted in his heart.

During the month of December, someone from Wanguerre’s family offered him a job in a nightclub. He decided to refuse and explained that he prefers to stay with us because we are like a family because, among other things, we pray for him when he is sick.

Pray for Wanguerre to learn more and grow in his relationship with God.