For a long time, we had dreamed of creating a chicken coop. With our new community center, we finally found the perfect space to make it a reality. We bought an incubator to hatch our own chicks and then built a chicken coop to accommodate our first 43 chicks. After three months, we were able to provide a rooster and a hen to each of the families we support. In addition to blessing these families, it gives us an indication of their situation. If the family consumes the hen and rooster immediately, it signifies that the family is in extreme need. We will provide them with further support through food aid and other emergency assistance. If the family is able to keep and take care of the chickens, it shows that they are capable of assuming more responsibilities. We can then grant them a microcredit so that they can establish a small business. However, if after a few months they decide to eat one of the hens, it is a strong signal to us that the family is not doing well and requires additional help.

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining project. By hatching the chicks, feeding them, and selling some to cover expenses, we can also offer them to those in need. After just three months, we are already building a third chicken coop. Hearing the mothers in Cité Soleil talk about their hens and roosters has shown us how deeply people form affectionate bonds with these animals and how much companionship they bring.

Fiona and Osneld have taken on a significant share of the chicken responsibilities with dedication. Every morning, it is they who feed them, give them water, and more. They also take care of regularly cleaning the chicken coop. We are grateful for their remarkable work.