The month of February began with the installation of the community center as well as the moving of our missionaries. The two-story White House is finally “ready” well almost. There is still no electricity and various repairs and installations still have to be taken care of.

Despite this, Mathieu and Fiona move into a room where they will stay during this year. Two weeks later, the Meyer family moved to the second floor of the house. An apartment ready to be dusted off and where everything must be organized. Suitcase after suitcase, we organize and empty Kainos, this place that we love so much.

We are busy preparing the community center. Installation of the reception room for families and classroom for training and computer courses, storage space for our equipment, deposit for tools and food, we must again develop.

At Kainos B&B, customers are flocking, so we have to prepare the rooms that we have vacated as soon as possible. Renovation work, painting, installation. Two rooms are installed and we have already been able to display several full nights.

A lot of change but we are grateful for this new space and we believe that God is going to do great things there.