Because of the gang wars in Cité Soleil, we can no longer go there. And because of the insecurity, we go less out of our homes. But how can we continue our ministry?

We have been restructuring our organization for a few months now. We are going to change our strategy so that we can continue to provide aid to Cité Soleil and to families in need.

André, who currently lives in our old house, makes the link between Cité Soleil and us. He goes regularly to make visits, food distributions, meetings with community leaders and manages several ongoing projects.
During the month of July, we were able to set up, with the help of a small store, a place where some elderly people can receive free food. It might sound simple to do, but it’s a feat every time it works.
First, communication services are unstable or not functioning and phones are sometimes discharged due to lack of electricity. When I can reach the store, together we make a list of the products to distribute and he tells me the prices (which vary very often). Then I take my motorbike to go to an office to send the money. Then I try to reach
Jean (a young from Cité Soleil).

If he answers, he has to go and inform the elderly so that they can go to the store. This is for a little food, but it makes all the difference for these elderly people.
I miss going down to Cité Soleil and going to meet others, to be able to pray with them and share around the Bible. But the important thing for the moment is to continue to show them by concrete action that God has not forgotten them.

During this month, we were able to help repair a community cistern, a project that has not yet been completed. And we were able to distribute food to over 100 children last week by preparing a hot meal.

We realized that it is difficult to build anything other than emergency aid in Cité Soleil. Our heart is for families, so that they can take care of their children in a healthy environment, so that the children go to school and grow up with a better future.
It is with this vision that we helped *André’s family get out of this slum. We continue to help them by offering them a job, helping them to start a business and paying for the schooling of their three children.

A vision we have for other families.