While we support more than twenty families in Cité Soleil, our assistance is intensifying. The situation has become unbelievable. We have been able to support four families to relocate them outside of Cité Soleil.

We continue the regular follow-ups of several families with regular visits from our social worker

Mrs. Boudjou is a grandmother who takes care of her 5 grandchildren who have lost their father and mother. Sick for several months, we must quickly find a solution so that these orphans do not end up in the hands of the gangs.

Their uncle, who fled Cité Soleil and built himself a shelter outside of Port-au-Prince, agreed to take them all in after discussions and a commitment on our part to support him.

So we helped financially to finish the construction of the house for all of them to live. We were also able to help this uncle expand his soap making business to provide for his family. The children, who were not used to going to school, will start the school year in October.

A difficult transition for a Grandma who has always lived in Cité Soleil, but what a joy to be in a peaceful neighborhood.